What We Offer

Flexible lending when you need it

A pioneer in the Private Lending Market, Antrim Investments has been helping self employed, stated income, and low beacon clients obtain mortgage financing for over 50 years. Our underwriters are experts in helping you to create custom mortgage solutions tailored to the needs of your clients. Furthermore, we act quickly. Same day commitments are standard, and most deals can be funded in days not weeks.

Grow your business

Not all clients will qualify for Bank mortgages; it’s a growing reality of the times we live in. It’s also a huge business opportunity for you. Working with Antrim allows you to grow your business by offering alternative mortgage solutions to your clients that have not been able to obtain traditional Bank financing.

Setting up a win-win situation

Antrim’s mortgage lineup is specifically designed for clients that have built up equity in their property but for one reason or another cannot obtain financing at prime rates. Use Antrim to get the funds your clients need quickly – OPEN TERMS available on all mortgages – and refinance your clients to prime rates with no penalty when they qualify.

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