About Us

A pioneer in the Private Lending Market, Antrim Investments has been helping self-employed, stated-income and low-beacon clients obtain mortgage financing for 50 years.

Antrim’s mortgage products are specifically designed for clients who have built up substantial equity in their property but for one reason or another cannot obtain financing with prime lenders like the Banks and Credit Unions; usually because they cannot meet the strict debt servicing requirements of these institutions.

Our underwriters are experts in helping create custom mortgage solutions tailored to the needs of our borrowers. Furthermore, we act quickly. Same day commitments are standard, and most applications can be funded in days not weeks. Open terms are standard on all Antrim mortgages so our borrowers can refinance to prime rates with no penalty as soon as they qualify.

Capital used for the funding of mortgage loans is sourced from Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd. Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund, managed by Antrim Investments, is the largest residential Mortgage Investment Corporation in Canada.